The Soorthi Hegemony

The Soorthi Hegemony: Found on the southern coasts within the region Iltho, the Soorthi Hegemony is the term for the dominion of the Soorthin Republic. The Republic rules over 7 diverse provinces: the great walled castle states of Yuen, Frisna, and Luall, the trade state Bathar, the sunset city of Evena, the Rui Desert and its tribes, and the forbidden Duska Forest.

For centuries Soorthin was but one of the four major castle states of Iltho, locked in constant conflict with the other three. Immense walls hundreds of feet high had been built to shelter the castle state’s people in these wars, and for a long time stood tall as the arbiters of the status quo: none of the states could topple the other’s wall, and so each remained independent.

Until around fifty years ago, when Soorthin developed airship technology, which they used to swiftly conquer the other castle states. Ever since then the Hegemony has ruled supreme.

The Hegemony is a warm seaside country, with bountiful seas, sagebrush steppes and savannahs, scorching deserts, and expansive sub tropical forests. Numerous ruins of a bygone civilization litter the forests and deserts, ruins which indicate a society significantly more advanced than most in the world. Chief oddity among these artifacts are strange metal skeletons, thought to belong to the now extinct race that built the ruins. Popular hearsay states that these remains still live and walk while none are looking, but to this no substantial evidence has ever surfaced.

Writings from this lost civilization are extremely valuable, as they are thought to hold the secrets to their advanced crafts. Not that it truly matters; the language of these lost people is largely indecipherable to those of the present. Rumor has it that Soorthin scholars did finally crack the code and that’s where their airships originate, though this theory fails to address why no further scientific breakthroughs have occurred in the half-century since.

Major Locations:

The West Star Hangar
The East Star Hangar
Duska Forest
Sunwatch Prison
Caelum Stair
The Iron Tower
Rasque Village
The Fire Ink Well
Evena: The City of Dusk
Rui Desert
The Sweating Wood

The Soorthi Hegemony

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