The Shruke

Shruke: Next to humanity the most common and populous race of the Nol continent, the Shruke are a rodent-like people known for their chivalry, strict adherence to law and hierarchy, and for being the only race to have successfully tamed a species of dragon.

Though they originate from the Kibe Range in the Chesek region, Shruke have large populations all over the known world. Their abundance is thanks to two key factors, first being their astoundingly efficient reproductive cycles. Shruke females have remarkably short pregnancies and produce large litters averaging 7 infants. Their young mature very quickly as well, reaching adulthood after only ten years.

The second and perhaps most contributing factor is their mastery over the art of dragon riding. Having tamed the species Mrymira (a relatively small dragonkind about the size of large wagons) over 1,000 years ago, the Shruke have used them extensively to travel and settle throughout the continent. The dragons have also afforded them an impressive military in their home country of Toffden, and the famed Dragonknights of Toff are respected even among Bascardi Sanctified.

The Shruke are natural diggers, and most of their homes and cities are in expansive and intricate underground burrows.

A slender people, most resembling foxes crossed with rats, the Shruke have long noses, large ears and skinny tails. Their coats are short and range from dull grays to gleaming reds in color. Their senses are far better than any other races, with impeccable hearing and smelling in particular. Unfortunately due to having no longstanding casting culture, they struggle with the magical arts, and make for much better warriors than mages.

Racial Modifiers:

Positives: Shrukes Attribute distribution numbers at character creation are: 7, 7 & 3. Additionally, one Attribute of your choice will only cost current rating X 3 to increase with experience. Also dragons.

Negatives: No magic points can be taken at character creation. Magic will cost 7 experience points for first point, and current rating X 7 for all subsequent points.

The Shruke

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