The Murzahn Triarchy

Murzahn Triarchy: A powerful nation located on the western shores in the region Hartev, Murzahn is a matriarchy ruled over by a trio of queens, each of a long dynastic line.

Murzahn is a nation of staunch tradition, and supreme capability. All citizens are drafted into military service at age 10 where they serve for a mandatory five years. In the service they learn not only combat, but politics, reading and writing, mathematics, sailing, and building. Because of this, Murzahni are among the most highly educated people in Nol.. To counter dissatisfaction and maintain unity, nationalism and patriotism are essential facets of Murzahni life: from an early age citizens are relentlessly ingrained with values of loyalty, discipline, excellence, and self worth.

While all citizens are free to pursue whatever careers they wish, tradition dictates that men stay in the service, while women enter government. The two are of extreme importance to Murzahn, and are considered equal in prestige for those looking to receive notability, influence or power. Advisers to the queens are second only to the highest office of Supreme Arbiter, who acts as mediator and speaker at Royal Meets. Generals and their officers have total sovereignty over the military, and only defer to the queens’ judgment in extreme scenarios.

The country is rocky and craggy, but encompasses a large portion of the grassy Awlish Sea. In addition to the expansive grasslands the landscape includes oceanic cliffs, deep basins, dusty mountains and canyons, pearly beaches, and steamy redwood forests. There are five major settlements: the three castle cities of Hazher, Tetreh, and Grehzen where each of the old royal lines hold sway, the capitol Castinope, and the military base Redstone Rook.

Major Locations:

Redstone Rook
Ankrow Village
The Silt Roads
The Scale Roads
The Awlish Sea
Daynview Watch
The Saltspires
The Windy Ladder Canyons
Tightrope Town
The Valley of Mirth
The Purzu Mountains
Wingweather Keep
The Lion’s Gut
Greenfrost Bay
Milkmud Port
Orazhen Forest

The Murzahn Triarchy

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