The Kingdom of Bascard

The Kingdom of Bascard: Located within the Heart of Gaus, Bascard is the preeminent power of Nol and over its three thousand year history has held sway over a great deal of its lands.

An absolute monarchy ruled over by the holy house Goethri, a family line of God-Kings said to be the Divine Serpent made flesh, Bascard lies at the center of the continent Nol, and is responsible for much of its present day culture. Many nations trace their history back to Bascardi rule, and of course the common tongue of the continent, Basc, finds its roots in the Heart. All major roads — and therefore trade — find their way through Bascard’s many cities. A Bascardi is never in want of goods, it is known, and many have grown wealthy and indulgent off of the plenty.

It is home to the faith Naucashi, or the Light of the Divine Serpent, in which people worship the one true god Naucash, deity of rebirth, cycles and infinity. The native snake-like dragon species Aushi, one of the seven great dragonkind of Nol, are sacred in the faith and any Aushi attacks are seen as divine punishment. God-King Harold Goethri XXVII is the current leader of this church, in addition to being the king of the land, and it is his duty to grant the powers of Naucash upon worthy subjects, so that Bascard remains mighty and uncontested. Those that receive his blessing become Sanctified — elite members of the kingdom — and are bestowed immeasurably potent magic.

The climate is temperate and pleasant, and the scenery is magical. The Mountains of Blood and Song are world famous for their beauty, and the soil is among the most fertile in the world. Fields of flowers cover the lands between the populous cities, which are filled with the most fantastic architecture in the world. The power of Naucash has allowed for structures that are otherwise impossible, and the wonders never fail to take one’s breath away.

Major Locations:

Reinaph Knightly Stronghold
Juniver Village
Holliplume Village
The Broken Wood
Fawntell Forest
Drokcrest Castle: The Mountain of War
Clearlile Town
Temros Cathedral
The Crystal Keep and Town
The Awlish Sea
The Scale Roads
The Ivy Roads
The Mountains of Blood
The Mountains of Song

The Kingdom of Bascard

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