The Kasnit

tumblr_nhlexiW3Iy1u6quago1_1280.jpgKasnit: A rare and diminutive species hailing from the mountain forests of Visilith and the eastern plains of Tios, the Kasnit are the longest lived and most powerfully magical race on the Nol continent.

With lifespans thought to stretch over thousands of years, the Kasnit are said to be the first sentient lifeforms to walk the planet; even before humanity. They see themselves as watchers, unconcerned with the frivolities of the other races, and their old eyes have seen the dawn and demise of dozens of civilizations. To the great concern of their eldest, however, is the fact that they might be next. Never a race known for their reproductive skills, newborn Kasnit are now a rare and momentous occasion. This is due to the small percentage still remaining youthful and fertile — their long lives, it appears, have come at a steep price. For the last few centuries it is estimated that 5 Kasnit are born every year, and not even that many in recent years…

Endowed with prodigious magical power, many Kasnit spend entire lifetimes studying the arcane arts. Their archmages and grandwizards are without peer, and have unlocked secrets and powers that the other races can scarcely dream of. It is thought their powers come from long horns that sprout from their foreheads: as their magic power grows, so too does the horn. The legendary Filepe the Fatecatcher was said to have a horn the size of a ship’s mast. Many masters exist today with horns several times the size of their own bodies, casting in star gardens hidden deep in the Weissberg Range.

The youthful have no patience for the pontificating of the old, however, and spend their first few centuries seeking out glory, mischief and adventure — an unfortunate tendency that does little to improve the struggling birthrates.

The Kasnit are small and catlike, standing upright most of the time, but capable of running on all fours if required. In addition to their large horns, they have large eyes, large furry ears, and fluffy tails to match. Their coats and eyes come in every color of the rainbow: from brilliant teals and pinks, to modest browns and blacks. They are weak compared to the other larger races, but are quick enough to make up for it, both in body and mind.

Racial Modifiers

Positives: Start with 3 points to put in any magic discipline(s) of your choosing. Also, choose one magic discipline, this is now easier to level up (current rating X 4).

Negatives: A Kasnit has a different spread of Attribute points to place during character creation: 6 for Mental and Social, 3 for Physical. You may not go above a rating of 2 in Stamina or Strength during character creation, and increasing these stats with experience will cost more: current rating X 6.

The Kasnit

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