The Humans

Humans: The most common race of people, thought to have originally sprouted from the region Hartev, they have since spread their kind far and wide: no matter where you go in Nol, a stronghold of Humanity will be found there.

It is theorized among scholars that Humanity is the root race, from which every other has sprung. This is supported by their general resemblance to all other races, and because inter species breeding produces living, if frequently sterile, young. Viable non-sterile half-breeds are: Half-Vadla, Half-Wenshir, and and course Half-Ankhew (considered full blooded Ankhew among their kind). Only the Kasnit break the mold, and they claim their kind came before Humanity.

Religion is an invention of Humanity, it is thought, as three of the five major religions in the world are Human in origin: The Trinity, Naucashi (The Divine Serpent), and the Quiet Ones.

Because of how common they are, Humans serve as the bar for measuring the qualities of a species. Consequently, they are seen as average at everything; something that quite few of them resent. They really shouldn’t bristle however, considering it is Humanity that holds the most land, fields the largest armies, and builds the most potent kingdoms the world has yet seen.

But perhaps Humans most notable quality is their insatiable hunger: a hunger for land, for wealth, for prestige, for power, and for death.

Racial Modifiers:

Humans start with 6 extra Freebie Points during character creation.

The Humans

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