The Heart of Gaus

Epicenter of the world, the Heart is a serene place of steep snow capped peaks, prairies filled with wild flowers, and fertile farmlands. It is heavily populated, in fact, most of the people of Nol are found in the Heart, and it is bountiful and beautiful to boot.

Completely controlled by the crown jewel of Humanity: the Kingdom of Bascard, superpower of Nol, and wielders of Naucash’s wrath. Bascard is wealthy, powerful and most importantly respected — after centuries of wars, conquests and subsequent treaties their power is uncontested in Nol.

There is a lot of history in the Heart, and many many secrets. Some have been lost to time, but others remain known and closely guarded. It is a place of violence and peace, glory, grief, and Blood and Song — so the famous song goes.

The Kingdom of Bascard

The Larderlands

The Awlish Sea

The Heart of Gaus

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