The Dwarves

Dwarves: A stout and robust race thought to have originated in the dusty hills of Faah, the Dwarves now roam the lands of Nol as nomads, traveling both in footly solitude and in marvelous wandering fortress cities of magic and science.

Every Dwarf is born in one of the six free roaming fortresses, ancient wonders built by great Dwarvish kings, back when the Dwarves still had such rulers. Each city presently is run by a council, composed of important chemists, scholars, warchiefs and builders. A Dwarf will live in their city, learning from the wise old Blackfeet in the ways of science, fighting and crafting until they come of age. At age 30 a Dwarf will leave their city and not return until they’ve lived a grand life, their feet blackened from travel. Many never return, but those that do are hailed as worn and worldly Blackfeet, and are taken into the fold as teachers of the next generation.

Dwarves are an altruistic sort, who enjoy aiding in any great cause worthy of their skills. This could be a daring political coup, or a bloody revolution, or it could be a role as a family tutor, or a common bricklayer — it all depends on the Dwarf and their predilections.

They are an intelligent race that has unlocked secrets in many trades and schools. It was Dwarves who invented the art of alchemy, as well as many unique forms of smithery and enchantment. Dwarvish builders have made the finest castles and the finest ships, and many are extremely enthusiastic about the potential in the new arts of gunpowder and airships. They invented the common script, and have written every type of tome from ghoulish grimoires to exhaustive history books. And of course, Dwarfish warriors are renown for their ingenious battle tactics and intimidating strength. Renaissance men and women, the lot of them.

Quite similar in looks to humanity, but shorter and broader, with greater muscle mass and thicker hair, Dwarves make for a handsome people. They are well suited to many walks of life, but tend to specialize in a particular field, which they often excel at.

Racial Modifiers:

Positives: Choose 2 Abilities, and 1 Attribute. Each of these is now less expensive to level up: new Attribute is current ranking X 3, Abilities are now the amount of current rating.

Negatives: Choose 2 Abilities, and 1 Attribute. Each of these is now more expensive to level up: new Attribute is current ranking X 5, Abilities are now current rating X 4.

The Dwarves

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