The Duchy of Oltris

The Duchy of Oltris: Found in the temperate mountainous region of Visilith, the Duchy is a longstanding union stretching back centuries. Governed and ruled by 5 dukes and duchesses, the families of each rule their region from mighty cities rivaling small kingdoms in power and scope. United as they are the Duchy stands unopposed as the dominant power of Visilith.

The landscape is dark and beautiful, with sprawling and twisted black forests, jagged mountain peaks, and relentless mists and fogs blanketing all. The land has an unsavory reputation among travelers with rumors abound regarding disappearances, vile beasts, secret conspiracies, and unresting dead. Indeed, in neighboring countries, it is spoken with certain census that Oltris woods are the birthplace of black magic, and to this day still house hundreds of covens.

Because of this church is of great importance to the common folk of Oltris: The Trinity religion was born here and the great cathedral city Sparheim, home of their holiness Pontiff Oedna, is based within the boundaries of the Duchy. It is one of the church’s key aims to protect and serve in the name of the common peoples, and as such they train and house a potent militant branch: The Knights of Dawn, who are sworn to abate the dark at any cost.

Major Locations

Spine Forest
Kepen Woods
Weissberg Range
Aspier Stretch
Blackwatch and the Sunlight Strongholds
Eidan Castle

The Duchy of Oltris

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